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A pic of my stick seat

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This is for twitchy and anyone else who might be interested in these stick seats!.

They are such a boon for us who need to sit quickly and easily whilst outdoors. Mine you can close it up to walk with it like a walking stick. I've had it for years now and can't remember where I bought it but there are quite a few available now!. A pic of you using yours Twitchy would be great. X

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Thanks Misty. I have a similar design but I still prefer my seat stick for using even around the house. I can’t explain why it works so well for me - physio and everyone else is baffled but there we go. X

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Your just unique Twitchy in health and as a person. It's whatever works for us so that we have some kind of life despite our serious health problems. Best of luck for next week. X

Very stylish colour Misty 😀

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Thanks weathervane, good luck for your back operation. Do hope it helps you. X

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weathervane in reply to misty14

Thanks Misty xx

Such a cool thing to have Misty ! Great idea.🙋🏻xo

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Thanks midge

I can really recommend one, been the difference between having an outing or staying in, too much of which is bad!. Any news on your appointment?. X

Will do a pic collage soon Misty but hubby off to work a late shift and I’m a blob in bed with a cold. Xx

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Do hope you feel better soon twitchy. Your having a very rough time. X

Thank you. I like it and need it.

Not yet Misty. Appointments on Monday 🤞🏻Will let you know the outcome 🙋🏻🌻♥️

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misty14 in reply to midge66

Good luck for Monday midge. Hope it goes well for you. Fingers tightly crossed . I'll give your email some thought and reply to your q's soon. Have a good weekendX

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