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I suffer with very bad GI and diverticulitis disease. Recently it has been very bad. Heartburn, felling bloated etc. Spoke to my lupus nurse hoping to see my Consultant before the end of May but she advices to go to the Gp to be referred to Gastro Doctor near me but I thought my lupus consultant could refer me too in case is linked to lupus flares. 🤔 what do you think I should do? Xx

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Hi Tulipano,

Although I’m not an expert on this, my suggestion would be to get referred to a GI specialist by your GP as they are experts in your problems you have mentioned. As for your Lupus specialist just make sure that he/she is kept in the picture. It’s all on various systems these days and everyone can see exactly what is going on. Make sure the GI doctor writes to your Lupus specialist.

Hope you feel better soon.

I've just had all tests for Crohns etc, and it was finally diagnosed as diverticulitis. My gp referred me to hospital, I mentioned it to lupus consult as i had inflamation of the bowel but he didnt see any connection. Hope all goes well for you. I would let your GP refer you

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