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Lupus + Contraceptive Pill (Endometriosis)



Does anyone with lupus take the pill? I found out that I may have endometriosis and they said because of the hydroxychlorquine and the fact they found i had sticky blood i cant be on the pill because it increases the likelihood for bloodclots.

What do other people use for contraception that may help with the endometriosis and is safe for lupus ?


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I don’t have endometriosis, but I have lupus and also sticky blood lol can’t remember the name.

I was on the depo injection which was brilliant but after a bone scan I’ve had to come off the injection. I am now on an estrogen free pill. I don’t know weather that might be an option for you?

Sarah x


I do have Lupus and am on Asprib for my sticky blood! I don't have endometriosis though.

I started off on the contraceptive injection but it disagreed with me (bled all the way through it) and am now on the implant and it seems to be good for me :)

It isn't a bit embarrassing but speak to a female GP about contreception, they will help you and know to avoid certain contraception for people with Lupus :)

Ask on the "sticky blood" forum.

The GHIC Website:.



Progesterone-only contraceptives are okay for people with lupus. We are not medically trained here therefore I cannot comment on whether progesterone-only contraceptives are okay for people with endometriosis; I encourage you to speak with your doctor about this.

You can read more about birth control pills in our ‘LUPUS: and Medication’ factsheet:

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