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So, recently, my pains have worsened overtime. Now, I get pains without knowing its about to rain, and these pains are terrible. However, when the pain is increasingly unbearable, I have no choice but to turn the air conditioner off and wrap up into my heating blanket and pray that the pains go away. I've been wondering if it makes sense to buy a humidifier. I have heard that some people bought it but I have no idea if it will indeed help with the pains. I've spent so much time trying everything possible and I'm now beginning to get tired of all the medication and everything.

So, will it really help? Any advice would be gravely appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi Stephanie0210,

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing such bad pains.

I'm afraid that I couldn't say whether a humidifier may help with your pain. I cannot find any evidence to support their use. If the pain you are experiencing is an arthritis, a humidifier may not be the best option because it is dry, warm weather that tends to help relieve joint pain. Arthritis patients tend to feel an uncomfortable pressure in their joints on days of high humidity and low barometric pressure, especially just before a storm.

Have you had a referral to a pain clinic for advice on techniques and therapies to help you manage your pain?

We have a blog article about pain management which may be of interest to you -

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Okay thank you so much. The pain I have are due to the factors that affect me with lupus ie joint pains and the rash and whatnot. So I thought a humidifier would help with such pains but what you're saying makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much for your feedback!


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