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Scald update 😢

Scald update 😢

Hello everyone,

I’ve not message back to previous messages due to having a severe dental abscess.

But this is the current state of my scald, today most of the skin has fallen off.

I have 2nd degree burns to my hand, I visited the nurse again yesterday to be acquainted by a gp who said it looks “fine” I wasn’t given any dressings or creams etc. Was told to just dap a little Vaseline on it. I explained over the week it had oozed a green yellow pus but they were not concerned at all. I was in and out in 5 mins flat.

I can move my 4 fingers now but my thumb is numb. I also explained that to them both but again they said the feeling should come back within the next week or 2.

I have no feeling where the burnt skin in the middle of my hand is, it’s not yet peeled but if I touch it I don’t feel a thing...

I’ve been told to expect this & not to cover it. It’s very hard having no bandage or dressing because if anything touches it I whimper! It still has a slight burn to it, & I’ve been a little worried about the way it looks but to a gp & a nurse at my surgery it doesn’t look like anything to worry about.. I’m taking antibiotics for my dental abscess if there is a infection in my hand will the medicine work on that too ?

Even with a bad burn I’m not taken seriously it’s quite disheartening as I’ve been in a lot of pain with this.

Just keeping you all updated x

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Seems appalling attitude from your surgery! I would have thought at the very least they would have told you to put a dry dressing on it during the day and off at night. That is what I was told years ago with a bad hand burn.

You have been having a rotten time of it with the dental abcess too ,but I suppose the antibiotics should stop any infection getting into the hand.

Hope everything heals up soon XX


Ouch!! That looks so painful. For bad burns, I use a product called Alocane Emergency Burn Gel. I'm in the USA and can find it in pharmacies. It can also be found on Amazon:

It really does bring relief and helps to heal the burn.

You can also try cool compresses to cool the skin.

It's appalling that the doctors have not offered you any sort of relief. When my husband severely burned his hands, they prescribed Silvadine (silver sulfadiazine), which is a topical antibiotic used in partial thickness and full thickness burns to prevent infection. It really helped.

Take care


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