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Mom of five trying to connect some dots

Originally told lupus 2004 after 2.4weeks life threatening stay in hospital . Hi I don't know which one of my million questions that I have that I should start with so I'm gonna start with this is there any know link and or reason or has any one else had similar experience with during pregnancy your child's umbilical cord was considerably short so short natural birth was impossible?

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Hi lulupers,

I've had a look at the causes of a short umbilical cord and it doesn't appear that lupus is a direct risk factor for this happening. Apparently it occurs in around 6% of women around the world and some identified causes are;

* The moment a woman becomes pregnant for the first time.

* When the potential mother has a history of consuming alcohol during pregnancy then it can lead to short umbilical cord.

* When the woman has a tendency to smoke, nicotine may cut short the growth of the umbilical cord.

* A few health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure create complication and restrict the umbilical cord to develop.

(This could occur in people with lupus if they have high blood pressure, perhaps caused by kidney damage).

* A few chromosomal abnormalities are there that also cause abnormal development of Umbilical Cord. Down's syndrome is one of those abnormalities.

* According to a survey, female fetuses are at a higher risk for developing abnormalities in Umbilical Cord; however, this is not a proven fact.

* If in early pregnancy amniocentesis is performed then the chances of short umbilical cord increases.

* When the fetal growth is comparatively short, as per its gestational age.

* When the amount of fluid is excessive in the amniotic sac, Umbilical Cord could be short.


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