Inform PIP of changes to Illness

I have been recently diagnosed with Vertigo, do I inform DWP of this illness as I am scared in case I have to start from scratch with them as this has happened to someone I know. Can't be doing with the hassle. Docs advised I only drive short distances and I am awaiting on info from DVLA also, scared in case I have to stop driving any advice please help??


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7 Replies

  • If you are currently receiving PIP then I think the only time that you would notify them of additional symptoms are if you are re-assessed or if you wish to make them aware of a change of circumstance so that your current payments can be reconsidered (if you think you may now be eligible for a higher level)

  • thanks for that Paul, I am on STD rate mobility and I think It would go to high level so I'll maybe let them know thanks anyway.

  • Be aware that if you do submit a change of circumstances for reconsideration of your payments, they will do a full re-assessment and there is no guarantee you will receive the higher payments along with a risk of losing your current payments. I would consult with Citizen's Advice before contacting them to get their opinion on your chances.

  • Also, my vertigo comes and goes. Yours may settle and do the same?

  • Hi loriane, my understanding it that, you should inform them if your condition deteriorates or your condition changes in any way that is effects the qualifying criteria. for instance if you said before you in your questions that you can do something and now you can not because of the change in your health or mobility and this effects your ability to carry out this duty either safely, reliably, and without being a danger. If this has a long term effect and that is something that is not due to get better then they should be informed. As you may be entitled to the higher rate due to the deterioration in your condition. I do not think the lack of now being able to drive will qualify with the vertigo though. As minime said above Vertigo can sometimes be a condition that can settle down with medication. And you could be re- assed like Paul said and go through all that all over again. Just to have to do it again if it settles. My lupus is now attacking my liver and I am due to have a liver biopsy in 2 weeks to see if it has started Liver disease but my qualifying criteria is still the same so even though I will have the liver disease on top i will not be re-assessing my claim. Until i feel that it has changed my last answers. Like if I become housebound because of it etc as a example. Then I would. Hope this makes sense. x

  • I forgot to add that I no longer drive due to my condition either, you may be asked the question if you get re-assesed that are you able to take a bus or private transport and if you are able to do this safely and reliably then you probably won't have any change in that criteria because of the vertigo. x

  • Thank you for that I'll prob leave it then don't want to go through the stress of getting assessed etc

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