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Hi all!

Hi all. I have been unwell for approx 10 yrs now and after a gp visit the other day ending up with me being rushed to hospital due to a resting Heart rate of 145 they have finally started looking at the big picture, I have chronic idiopathic urticaria (started the moment I got pregnant) Central serous retinopathy in 1 eye, dry eyes, oesophageal spasms, awful joint pain, chronic sinus issues, extreme fatigue, vertigo and can't bear being in the sun as I get a rash oh and have a malar rash which is barely visible some days but bright others. So they want me to have an urgent Rheumy appt, they did all the autoimmune bloods in a and e but I already know some are out from when I got tested for the urticaria. Didn't manage to find out my CRP white cell count was 3 so not very low but on the low side. Anyway that is me and most of my ailments, I'm looking forward to reading more and hopefully getting some kind of Dx soon!

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Hi and welcome. I share many of your symptoms but have Sjögren’s rather than Lupus. I really hope you do get some clarity at last - ten years is a long time to put up with this undiagnosed. Take care, Twitchy


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