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All is not lost


I posted an update earlier on my Oral/maxillofacial Appointment.

I was told it would be 4-6 months for surgery.

Just had a letter through the post -

Pre op assessment Wednesday 7/02/2018 at 9am

Day of Surgery: 12/02/2018 at 8am

At Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

I’m very relieved to have been promptly informed with the quick turn around.

Not long to wait now which is really some great news.

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I am so please for you laura , I hope it all goes well and you get good news 🤞🏻Best wishes xxxx

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Hope you’ll let us know how things go

😘🍀😘🍀😘🍀 coco

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Hi Laura

That's great news about your surgery appointment. You are such a brave lass. Hope you'll keep us posted how it goes. Thinking of you. I've just started new steroid treatment for my colitis. Hope to avoid the colonoscopy!. TAKE CARE. Lots of TLC. X

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Hi Laura, I seem to be a bit behind with your posts. Didn't realise you were having surgery and not sure what for but wishing you good luck with it it. Hope your getting nearer to a diagnosis and your managing to eat something.

Best wishes x

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Hey Ludo, my journey has taken another path. I’ve lost track of my own posts & yep more things are wrong with me. so don’t worry about being behind. In my mind I’m nearer to a diagnosis as I’m very clued up, thanks to all this time on my hands but in reality it’s a different story. I’m managing to eat tiny meals. Been forcing myself as stomach started the shrinking process. But I’m doing my best. Thank you for messaging me & I truly hope your ok 👍 xx