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Hello again and happy new year!

Hey, hope you all had a good Xmas and a good start of the year and that the lupus has been good to you! Sorry i've not been around much but i decided to take a break from all this connective disease crap (not the forum, the actual disease!)for a while to see if i could de-stress a bit and reduce my anxiety levels... so i thought not reading about the disease could help....well it did not work 😂

First i had to start taking to husvand about y health issues and he getstired of it. Then i got more stressy news. I might now have a small tumour in my deep parotid (salivary) gland. So gotta wait 6 months for new scan to see if it disappears (as it could be inflamation from CTD or lymph node) or if it grows in which case i will need biopsy and if afenoma ten mri and massice invasive srgay on my face plus sgnjficant risk to facial nerves ! Yay!

My reflux related throat issues persist altho i need to properly stick to some diets for more than 3 days. I could not do it in pre/during xmas time! Too hard! So i ae all i wanted! So now on diary free diet. No sun and no cheese 😭! How can one enjoy lufe this way haha Although not hopeful as everything i eat seems to cause me issues at the moment. If not i'll need more GI tests.

So as you can see , my stress levels are not great. My eldest is also on admissions year and we live in a blackhole areafor schools so yet something else to worry about!

I did not have a blood clotting disorder tho which is good. Can't remember if i posted back re this! That's a positive! Plus work have been great and have now allowed me to work one day a wk at home as my commute is a bit brutal (3hr return)!

Anyway, enough about me! How have you been? X

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Hello Thereisalight

Always good to hear how people are getting on, even when it isn't always good. I especially hope that salivary gland tumour goes away - by magic, if necessary. At least you are managing to find some positives. Please keep posting! x

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