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If Rituximab Does Not Work

Dear friend,

I would like to ask you for your advice again. My boyfriend has lupus and since mycofenolat did not work, he got Rituximab in last September. Today, we found out that also Rituximab does not work properly and his doctor is adding mycofenolat again. But it was just one session (4 weeks) and he looks and feels so much better. Please, do you have any experience in this area? Did something like this happen to you? Thank you so much for every advice.

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I was on maximum dose of mycofenalate and still my kidney were under attack. So like your bf I have rituximab ( 2 infusions 2 weeks a part).

I felt better after 4-6 weeks in myself but test results didn’t improve much. So after 6 months I had another 2 infusions 2 weeks apart.

This time the rituximab got my lupus under control and am 18 months down the line. My kidneys are still under strain but use other drugs to try stop as much protein leakage.

But the whole of this time I was still on maximum dose of mycofenalate and I still am.

Hope this helps

Sarah x


Thank you so much, this is a great help. I wish you a beautiful New Year!


Happy new year to you too 😊


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