Yes it's cold: just for a laugh

Yes it's cold: just for a laugh

I've been knitting the dog some cowls ( no laughing at the back) because he's skinny and his ears get very cold. Here's the posh one, knitted in fisherman's wool which is slightly waterproof. No, he only has his ears tucked in when he comes back in after a quick pee outside. He gets a fresh cowl straight off the radiator. Wish someone took such care of me 🐾❄️


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13 Replies

  • My daughter would love one for her podenco rescue baby - who, despite being a native of Lanzarote, loves the frost! Nat is waiting hopefully to introduce her to snow - but it is in short supply in the Edinburgh area!

  • 😍 YAAAAAAAY Lupiknits 😆👏👏👏👏😘🍀

  • Your dog is adorable and I'm sure he appreciates the extra warmth and the luxury treatment!

  • Adorable. One lucky dog to have such a caring owner. Xx

  • Does he find it comfortable? I have a big dog & little one, the little one is the short hair and this design may help her at night as big girl won't share her bed & keep her warm...thinking I should get a child's sleeping bag at night when heat is off to crawl into, always knocking her blanket s out of her basket...🐕 ml PS must love the warm ones 😊

  • He wears them day and night! I think perhaps, like keeping your wrists warm, they help his ears. If you are a knitter, or know one, I can point you to plenty of patterns for all sizes x

    Otherwise, ebay and etsy probably have them to buy ready made

  • What a little cutie, bet he just lives his lupiknit. He must love having a mum like you 💖

  • I always wondered how pets cope in very cold climates, particularly when they need to go out to toilet. I live in Australia and have 2 short haired dogs. It doesn’t snow where I live in Queensland. We do sometimes get light frost and still I fret about letting my dogs out at night.

    I follow the posts on this site every day and it’s interesting how difficulties with getting a diagnosis seem to be the same in the UK as over here. One rheumatologist even said to me, “why would you want to have lupus? It’s a horrible disease.” I know that, and I don’t “want” to have it but symptoms, raised ANA and positive skin biopsy have lead my GP to believe I do have it. It is the GP who knows us best but even they don’t get listened to at times.

  • Gorgeous photo from a wondrous dog parent! X

  • A very handsome boy in his winter wear. Love the picture, Lou xx

  • Glorious, Lupiknits! My friend has the same flavour of dog, and my opinion of them changed drastically after a walk with them in the hills nearby after lambing time (this was before I got sick). After spending most of the walk on a lead, tail between legs, staring at the ground and shivering, the dog was let off the lead as there were no sheep to be seen. Before I had chance to say, "Hang on a minute...", the dog had vanished over the horizon. Two minutes later it returned, bloody-snouted and beaming from ear to ear. They're killing machines! I have to admit to a sneaking admiration for the power behind that graceful facade....x

  • Yikes! I'd never dare let him off a lead in the countryside. Much as I love him, I'd respect any farmer shooting him. Not that he's been much of a killer so far: he raised his head to gaze at an ant on the floor in summer, then went back to sleep. He's more of a dropped takeaways hunter.

    I was once in the park where there were lots of trailers filming a tv show. Blue disappeared into the distance, then there were shouts, screams and laughter as he investigated each trailer at speed. The caterers were laying out lunch for the crew. By the time I got there ( I can't manage 40 mph) he'd snarfed himself a huge wheel of cheese. Oh, the walk of shame away 😂

  • aww he is beautiful, i have a huge soft spot for whippets. we have had a rescue at 9yrs old called spike (from rug rats) and a whippet cross rescue over the years. i know mine would have loved to wear those too as thier ears are so delicate to the cold. love it that you warm them too! :) x

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