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Positive ANA and clots

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I just turned 25 years old and let me tell you I feel way older than that. I just gave birth to my third child. I got several extensive and severe blood clots. My iliac and femoral was completely clotted (no blood flow at all) from groin to ankle. It's now been 10 months on blood thinners and I still have some clotting but it's stabilised. I have always felt extremely busy exhausted even when I was a teenager. I never have energy and every task seems like a struggle. My grandmother would always get mad and yell and say how does someone your age not have any energy. They would call me lazy and such but no matter how hard I forced my self it is so difficult I never have energy. Im always fatigued and sore. My whole body aches. I've gotten these weird rashes on my knuckles and elbows and after a few weeks they go away and come back later. I had my Ana tested once and it was positive but my doctor said that doesn't mean anything and that I'd need a second positive to confirm anything. I just got blood work again a few weeks ago and my appointment is Thursday to discuss the results . I was going to be able to stop blood thinners if it's negative but seeing as how I still have my appointment it makes me wonder. Also I get dry scaly skin on knees and elbows. I have always had a reddish color around my nose not to bad but it's there. What do u think could I have it? Oh also I have reoccurring UTIs but the thing is there's never bacteria. The doctor always calls and says u don't need the antibiotics there's no bacteria growth. But there is white blood cells. And white blood cells in urine are from inflammation. Bright lights in stores like Walmart make me feel kind of confused or weird it hurts my head. So does sunlight.

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Sorry to hear about your poor health. It sounds like you are on the right track by having more blood tests. Lupus symptoms overlap with many other autoimmune diseases. Have you been referred to a rheumatologist? I hope you find some answers soon.

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