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Hematology appointment

Very confused and worried - I had my rhumy call me last tuesday out of the blue asking if i had been to the Lupus hospital in London yet (which i hadn't) as he was worried about my platelets as have been high for a few years now, he told me not to worry as they dont want to see me as its not that high for them to be concerned about (I thought it was a very pointless phone call and sounded like he was trying to cover his own back for not diagnosing me properly and me having to go private)

Well i left it as that, then had a phone call from the hematology department today telling me I had a appointment October 19th which I didn't know about that its been moved to this Monday instead as want to see me sooner.

Has anyone else had to go the the Hematology department due to there health and be diagnosed with something else?

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Hi, I haven't but my son, who was recently diagnosed with Graves disease and a DVT at 29 was. With my history of Lupus and Sjorgrens, when his thyroid tests came back high and then he had a large DVT they said that they would do further tests. They said that many of his bloods were abnormal. We saw the haematologists on Wednesday. It was a bit of a waste of time to be honest. We thought he would either address the abnormalities in my sons bloods or look into our family history to see if he had another autoimmune condition. He just sent him for more bloods and said see you in three months.

I would advise that when you go, ask what your platelet count is and what the change has been so you know yourself and can keep a record. You may find that it has been slightly raised for a while but have not come down.

Keep us posted.


Hi Leanne

How did you get on today? All well I hope


L xx


I have very high platelets so had to have some blood tests to test my bone marrow, got to go back in 8 weeks to get results.... they think it may be thrombocytosis May be to do with the uctd too.


Oh, I hope all comes back ok. Good thing they are acting quickly. 😀

Good luck

L x


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