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A bit more detail of symptoms in last few months progressing(more less in order)

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Spasms on body

Cold patches on skin

Muscle weakness and aches and spasms

Hand weakness and shakes

Pain in palms of hands

Pain soles of feet

Cold sensations on body particularly face

Hot flushes

Mixing up words (speech difficulty some times with v,f and th )

Random nose bleedx2

Loss of concentration

Thinking problems

Memory problem

BAlance problems

Neck injury from very small movement

Extreme tirednessf especially mid day

Sore tight throat sometimes

Random spots/or bites on neck last a couple weeks

Night sweats

Sleep disturbance

Orange stools for last 3 weeks (regular)

Yellow foam with stool for last year

Feel like I e had injections in arms

Can feel sensation of something pumping around my body

Back of foot tender to touch and bottom

Of back

Crawling sensations

Stomachs pains

Like I've had injections in arms

Feel bruised. It I'm not

Knuckles and arm feel bruised

Continuous ache backs of thighs like I've been doing leg work out every day

Digestive issue for vitamins



Sharp pain right hand side of head

Arms and hands numb

Memory and concentration problems

Blurry vision 1eye at time

Large hot red patches on palm of hands

Swollen /bloated belly especially lower left bulge

Blood when wipe

Painful ankles in morning one always feels painful to touch

Tight chest

Does anyone have any ideas!i sound like a hypochondriac the list is sooo long but it's real and really getting me down (recap on last post ...tested positive for nuclear antibodies and anti smooth muscle antibodies but c3 is high and c4 borderline low)

Thank you

Please help anyone!!

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As well as reumatoligist I think you need to see a neurologist plus this blood in the stools needs checked out properly

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Domi1041 in reply to farmerfeste

Thank you for reply!ive been referred to neurologist but not until December and there been no mention on reumatoligist!what would they be looking at?the orange colour appearing in stool only lay about a week and has disappeared and the blood was only for a couple days when wiping but I do t think was actually in stool! I am still going to mention at my next appointment as I have been getting lots of discomfort in my stomach area and seems to be slightly bulging on bottom part left side of stomach...more noticeable when I lean back !but in general my abdomen is just getting bigger at the moment and I don't know if it's fat or fluid??i eat healthy but admittedly feeling like I do have not been able to bring my self to work out properly for a couple months but I do plenty of walking with the dog and still belly seems to be getting g bigger almost pregnant looking sometimes!somedays worse than others!

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farmerfeste in reply to Domi1041

You talk of joint pain and muscle weakness sweating etc this tends to

Intrest reumatoligy

So I had a great start to the day felt the best I have in a long time intill it all come crashing down when I went to walk my dog around 12!about 10mins in to a v.slow paced walk both my feet and legs started to get pain surging through them!its remained constant since in left leg .since it began in both it was constant pain that felt deep within and I'd get random waves of even more pain!then .a couple hours ago a patch on top of my hands started burning and I got pin and needles between a couple fingers!my body's really not happy and I'm so worried about what going to be happening in the 3month before my neurologist appointment!!

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