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My limbs keep falling asleep?!

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Hello everyone, hope you are all having a lovely morning (:

So, here's the thing...

For the past nights, my limbs, especially my left arm and both legs, have been falling asleep. I often correct my sleeping position, so there shouldn't really be so much tingling and pain (I think). My boyfriend finds this very annoying because I keep tapping on my arm and moving my feet so as to restore some blood flow. I'm trying to think this might have something to do with either my fibromyalgia or the antiphospholipid syndrome. I am currently taking Imuran and Plaquenil, so, could this symptom come as a side effect?!

I don't really think this could be a dangerous thing I'm experiencing, but it surely is bothersome.

Does this ever happen to you?


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Hello there. It happens to me, but much less so since I started on hydroxychloroquin (I don't know if that's just a coincidence). I'm not on any other medication.

I tend to wake up in the night with totally dead arms, even though I haven't been laying on them.

It might be worth going to the GP to get checked out though. When I very first got ill 6 years ago, my arms & legs went extremely numb out of the blue & the doc sent me to A&E to check for more serious issues. It turned out not to be, but might be safer for you to get checked out?

Hope you feel better soon x

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I agree with you, it might be nothing, but then again if it Is something, better to have it checked out. Thank you for your reply and kind words. I hope you're feeling alright these days (:

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Hi, this happens to me too.. It tends to go in phases and happens every night (and in the day often too) waking me up lots of times to do what you do and try and get the feeling back/rid of pins and needles. It often lasts a few months then doesn't happen again for ages. The neurologist told me it could be a whole variety of things (from migraine to fibromyalgia) but not to worry if the feeling comes back quite quickly (within 6 hours - which if yours is like mine it just lasts a bit longer than normal pins and needles when you've been sat in a funny position?). How do you feel in yourself other than this? I think it's worth mentioning to your dr/ consultant but I get the impression they don't really know why this happens! My theory (and I'm not a dr!) for mine is that it is inflammation in the nervous system, a good strong dose of steroids (not taken for this symptom) cured mine so probably evidence of something inflamed somewhere - the joys of lupus!

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It sounds like steroids are prescribed WAY more in the UK than here. I haven’t been put back on prednisone since my diagnosis. Treatment seems so different.

All. The. Time. Arm dead asleep to the point I have to lift it with my other arm. Fingers tingle and burn.

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That sounds terrible!! Have you talked to your doctor about it?

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Yes. He said “sounds like you have some nerve damage! That takes a long time to heal.” I stared at him blankly. He’s retiring. I can’t wait.

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Is it just the one arm? Are your other lupus symptoms active?

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One arm

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Just achy feet and hands

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