Constantly falling asleep

Hi guys

Hope you are all doing well? I wanted to ask if anyone else has this problem. I keep nodding off all the time, have been doing this for weeks. I am getting concerned as I have nodded off during conversations, which kinda freaked my mum out 😂. Its got to the point of i sit down and within minutes im out. My mum is concerned as both her and my dad are diabetic type 2 and a family history of thyroid problems. I am fighting the exhausted fight all of the time anyway - but the tiredness is getting more extreme. I am getting a bit concerned myself.

Any thoughts, similiar experiences, advice would be appreciated. I think bloods are a must.

Thanks for reading guys. Keep well.

Lupie hugs

Esky xx

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  • I was/am the same, it's almost like your eyelids have a will of their own! I have a busy lifestyle and struggle to 'slow' down. It is part of the auto immune disease. I have begun taking vitamin b complex which is supposed to help fatigue and it does seem to help.

    It would be worth mentioning it to the GP/consultant as there's numerous reasons as to why it's happening.

    Hope today's a better day.

    Chris X

  • Thank you Chris for your help. Will look into Vit B too. Thank u xx

  • Hi, I was exactly the same and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism several years ago. Upon treatment, I was absolutely fine. I used to fall asleep instantly on bus, train and pretty much anywhere I got a chance! Best to get your bloods done and take it from there. Hope this helps.


  • Thank you Renu. Bloods booked in for Monday. Thank u for your help. Xx

  • Hi,

    Wakes wakey

    You've had some good advice already but what Iwould expect your gp to check is

    HB levels,Ferritin,- anaemia plus iron stores ,VitD,Thyroid function ,glucose levels, Esr Crp.

    Boo!Still awake?

    Just to see if lacking in something,thyroid spitting the dummy or inflammatory markers baring their teeth to check auto immune system not flaring,

    Hope that helps and you find something to reduce fatigue.

    Ok have a nod off now.

    Seriously I've been there and it is horrible. In my case serious anaemia.

    Take care x

  • Hi littleeffie. Still awake 😂 for min lol. Thank u i will get all bloods checked over. Just sick of nodding off - feel like im spending my life asleep. My pillow is my bestie at moment so much that the kids are forgetting what i look like lol. Thanks for the help love

    Lupie hugs

    Esky xx

  • I find Boost vit. b12 oral spray helpful....tastes nice too!!!

  • Like the others, I have experienced this and have thyroid deficiency and immune problems. I thought I could have narcolepsy at first - perhaps worth having a check on that. I do my best to eat B vit. foods or whole foods that include B vits and magnesium. I am not good on supplements.

  • Certainly get this checked out in case other things are going on. But I have felt similar and continue to fall asleep almost every time I sit still in the afternoons. I notice that if I pace myself (which means doing half of what I used to do) I manage to stay awake more often. Its part of your body's response to autoimmune disease but like others say it could be thyroid or diabetes too. So good to do the checks. Vit Bs have helped me a bit but narcolepsy seems to be part of the deal...sadly. but when I wake up I feel refreshed enough so sleep is healing.

    All the best!

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