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Rheumatology progress

Hello again,

I had my second appointment with the rheumatologist yesterday and I'm a little further forward with diagnosis.

Because of my great response to the steroid injection (and the crash after it wore off!) he is convinced it is an inflammatory condition and has taken his back up diagnosis of hyper mobility off the table. We are now left with either RA or multi system connective tissue disorder.

Sadly for some reason he did not have the results from the auto antibody tests run last time round, annoying for both of us! So we need to wait for those to be redone before starting treatment.

Meanwhile I got another miracle steroid injection, hoping I have the same benefit second time around!

After 18 years of no answers the treatment I am now receiving is better than I could have hoped for! I feel so lucky to have finally stumbled upon the right doctor (and GP who agreed the referral) as I have gathered from reading posts on this forum, sometimes that's half the problem!

Nic x

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Excellent news! Onwards and upwards.


Great news nict, your nearly there. Hope not too long for redone tests but glad you got another injection. Keep us posted. X

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Could it be possible to have hyper mobility plus an inflammorty condition. I think the first can pre dispose you more to the second. The response to steroid is ecouraging, good luck.

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Yes I would think so! I'm sure there are many that have both and I do have a degree of hyper mobility.

I was just pleased that this wasn't mentioned again as if it came down to that alone as an explanation then there isn't really any treatment, well nothing more than I already do. And really treatment is all I'm searching for, not too fussed on the label as long as I can get some relief. 😊

Thank you for your good wishes xx

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Ah yes now I see what you are thinking, quite agree. Feel the same as you, call it whatever as long as get symptom relief. xx

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