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Life continues for some, while other's don't

Ok, so I've been off of here for 2 months or more dealing with my health and then having to step up from a medical standpoint to help my Mom and Dad negotiate through Hospital Inpatient stuff, Medical Terms, Medication Names and Hospice Care that was really End of Life Care, but my mom and I both agreed to not say anything to my dad about it. They don't follow Medicine like I do which is fine, but it's like I told my mom there's no reason to be angry with his choice in Not getting treated it was his decision and his alone. If he had decided then he would have had more of a chance at still being here now. But at the same time he's no longer suffering while we drag along the best we can.

Anyway, I have started going Dry Bones Bowling on Thursdays again after locking myself up in my apartment the last month and a half not wanting to do anything or be around anyone. I felt like I was dealing with the passing of my dad well but now I see I haven't and he wouldn't want me to just stop living life, being grateful for the time and memories I do have with him in the past. Off topic I had to reschedule my Rheum Appointment from May and now wont be seen until the 11th of September, I have a job interview at a "New" not yet open restraunt called Poke House on Tuesday. Super Excited about it after inquiring about jobs for the last few months with no major interest. Plain and simple I need a job, to get a car, catch up on bills, help myself and my mom etc.

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Dear LifeasaLupie,

I'm so sorry about your dad. I didn't mean to be insensitive, posting under that title, please accept my apologies.

Good luck with your job interview. Fingers crossed...now why isn't there an emoji for that? 😊

Tess x


I am sorry to read about your Dad and the decision he felt he had to make. My Dad although still with us at the moment has made the same decision having battled with myloma for some time. We have to accept his decision and wait. I do hope life begins to improve for you.


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