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I cant sleep


Im going to go insane. I havent been sleeping well. Ive had at least 4 hrs of sleep everyday for the past two weeks. Its like my brain is acting in two parts. Part one is exhausted and wants to sleep. Part two is running on with thoughts and what ifs all night freaking long. I dont know what to do anymore. Im trying not to take sleeping pills at night cause then im afarid i wont get up for work in the morning.

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Are you stressed about anything ( apart from health)? Any extra stress at work? When it was super stressful at work I'd wake at 2-3am thinking about it. The worst time of the night for bad thoughts, of course. My son has the same thing when he's over busy at work, so it may not be physically related.

If you have zzzzpills, can you try half of one?

Otherwise I'd visit my GP


Hi Jaylowdancer,

Have you discussed this with your GP or rheumatologist?

Many people with lupus experience sleep problems, most likely is due to numerous reasons, including dealing with pain, medications that cause trouble sleeping (such as corticosteroids), depression, fibromyalgia and stress.

Regular exercise helps to improve sleep quality. Exercise should be done at least a couple of hours before going to bed; otherwise the mind may be too active, making it more difficult to sleep. We published a blog article on exercising with lupus which you can read here: lupusuk.org.uk/lupus-and-ex...

Last year, we published a blog article on stress management and relaxation which discusses various tips and relaxation techniques that I hope will be of help to you:


The NHS Choices’ website provides information on sleep hygiene which I hope will be of use to you: nhs.uk/LiveWell/sleep/Pages...

Please keep us updated, all the best.

I totally sympathise. I am a horrible insomniac anyway, and combined with Lupus/Pred/perimenopause/young child and what seems to be emerging hyperthyroid episode, sleep is an elusive commodity. I laugh when the docs say you need to get 8-10 hours of sleep a night. Ha!

Like you I don't want to take sleeping pills, though if it gets chronic taking co-codamol for a night or two every so often helps me (not too often though because it's addictive and drying).

I saw a nutritionist and she gave me some tips on diet (avoid sugar high and lows, making sure you get enough protein in the day - sugar and caffeine is terrible for sleep), stress management and supplements which could help (not tried those yet and they need to be discussed with the docs first because of interactions). She also talked a lot about adrenal exhaustion....these things are helping a little.

Good luck with trying to manage it - it's very tough trying to function without sleep x

I frequently have the same problem with racing thoughts. Have you tried doing something mind numbing, like playing solitaire, before bed?

Jaylowdancer in reply to Aralyn

I have and noticed i keep playing for awhile. Ive tried reading books something boring nope doesnt work. Boring movies or infomercials still.

Hi jaylowdancer

Not sleeping is the pits when trying to deal with illness, work and normal life.

Have you tried mindfulness meditation. ?. I you can download the free headspace app and try it for ten days to see how you get on. It includes help with racing mind and sleep problems. I had similar and tried it and have never looked back!. It helps me cope everyday!. Do hope you find a solution soon and improve. X

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