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Shoulder injury


Me n my bro was fighting n I felt down on the ground he was wrapped around me from behind as I was trying to get out my mom felt on me and that was was like 300 pound plus on my shoulder as I rotate my shoulder around it starts to pop n after the day I couldn't lift my shoulder period but now Day 5 I can .imy shoulder blade looks kind of off when flexing,buck ont the back part of my shoulder still hurts.i can rotate but certain aches where my Shoulder blade and neck muscle where it connect my arm aches.could you tell me what's wrong.Also I can arm raid but throwing it hurts can't throw like I can

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Hi Thatguyjamaican1,

Do you have a diagnosis of lupus?

I'm afraid that we are not medically trained here and cannot comment on what sort of injury you may have. I would recommend that you go to your doctor in case it requires any further investigations or a referral to physiotherapy.

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