Just Come across This - perfumes and photosensitive skins

Quite interesting. I don't bother with perfume any more, but this site often have offers on skincreams for those prone prone to rosacea. If you are into perfume :


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  • Hi, LK.

    Thanks for this. I didn't realise that I had lupus until about 6 years ago and used to wear a favourite perfume and when I came up in an itchy red rash just accepted that my skin was a "bit sensitive" around my ears and neck so I tried spraying it on my tummy...big mistake. I spent the whole of a rather formal reception desperately trying not to scratch too obviously or too vigorously in case I broke the skin and got blood on my pale dress. Lesson learned but still not a clue why I'd suddenly developed this skin sensitivity! And at about the same time, I found that I couldn't wear any of my earrings, even the pure gold or silver ones. I had my ears pierced in my 40s and happily wore all sorts of earrings, of any sort of metal, without a problem, for years. Then my ear lobes started to burn, go red and swell within minutes of putting in any earrings. I was very sad at the time because earrings were my only form of bodily decoration. Has anyone else experienced this?


  • Very interesting about the earrings - the only Jewellery I liked. Yes, a few years ago I found that they were all irritating my pierced ear lobes. I had known that I could only tolerate silver or gold, but this was new.

    Sorry to laugh a little about you desperately trying not to scratchi your stomach at a posh "do". It reminds me a bit of my mum racing home to get her girdle off so she could breathe and have a good scratch because they were so tight.

    I've always covered up from the sun because of my very fair skin, but, apart from knowing certain meds can make you photo sensitive ( that once happened to me) perfume is something I've never thought of. There must be many other things too, perhaps.

  • Your poor mum! I find it funny too, in retrospect, that I learned that I couldn't tolerate perfume. Eau de cologne I'd fine, though the fragrance doesn't last very long.

    The only other thing I've learned the hard way is that hold-up stockings have some sort of sticky "garters"(maybe containing latex?) to stick to your thighs. OMG. I came up in the most dramatic reaction that blistered my skin everywhere that the garters had been touching. Ouch! I discussed it with my dermatologist and he didn't think it was a true latex allergy, thank goodness. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to wear rubber gloves for washing up etc. And if you have an operation under GA, the theatre and all the equipment has to be latex-free, a real hassle for the surgical team.

    LK, have you tried your earrings again recently? I'm steeling myself to give them a go, now that I'm established on Hydroxychloroqine.


  • As a child earrings gave me severe injury on my ear ( the back of my ear had an infection so it was sore with ulcer and so was my piercing too) until a wise woman advised my mum i should only wear gold. I stock to a tiny gold stud for years and rarely took it off.

    As an adult and since diagnosis i still use gold. But since last year i have lost one part of my 2 most favourite earrings. So now i mix them wearing a different earring on each ear. People barely notice and couldn't be bothered either. Take care and God bless.



  • Hi, ljeasike.

    Thanks for your reply. Actually, I think wearing odd earrings is very fashionable now, as with wearing odd shoes: you must have started the trend!


  • 😂😂😂#oddearrings!!

  • You've given me the idea of trying the earrings Tess. I'm hydroxyfied, and will attempt with caution. I had sort of given up on any kind of primping up, but recently discovered a foundation pale enough and causes no problems but makes the dark rings under my eyes less noticeable. I'll let you know how it goes. X

  • Thanks, LK. I'll look forward to hearing how you get on and I'll post my experiment too. I've just thought if something else that my skin reacts to nowadays: most anti-perspirants make my armpits so itchy that I can't bear it.


  • When that site has a 1/3 rd off French pharmacy, I get some quite good stuff I don't seem allergic to.

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