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Australia- Brisbane specialists

Hi ive just moved to Australia (brisbane) and was originally under Prof Khamashta at London uk. I found Prof K to be fantastic but he went on sabbatical and i was put under Dr ****** who i found ok but did not listen to me.

I was originally seronegative for APS then eventually showed positive, with borderline anti beta (??) and in the last 18 months or so I started to show very high AntiDSdna results but still negative ANA. Dr ****** said although he clinically cannot stare i have lupus he thinks i have it mildly and so put me on low dose hydroxychloroquine.

What i want to find is a specialist in brisbane who ix interested in these condiyions and is aware that seronegative is an actual thing. I want someone who is thorough and lustens.

We may wish to have another child and I will really need to plan and prepare responsibly if we do especially as I will need a cesarean section.

If anyone has any recommendations id be really grateful.


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You may find helpful answers if you also post this on the Australian Sjögren's Syndrome Association HealthUnlocked - - because most of its members (some have other autoimmunity) are based in Australia and local rheumatologists are often recommended by members to each other.

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Thank you very much i will x


Hi Jp83,

You can get in touch with Lupus Australia, Queensland Inc for information of a specialist in Brisbane:

We published a guide on lupus and pregnancy which you can read here:

Please keep us updated, all the best.


Thanks thats great x

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