I have been using Nivea kids factor 50 . I used in on my legs and had terrible itchy legs didn't put it on my legs again haven't had itchy legs since . Used in on my arms and had itchy arms for a little bit didn't use it on arms and haven't been itchy . Use it on my face and it has been fine. .

I don't know if the itchy arms and legs were because of the sun cream or because I hadn't used enough for the amount of sun I was in ?

Just wondered if any one had anything similar as tomorrow at work were taken the children to the zoo and I don't want to go if I'm not going to be fully protected .


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15 Replies

  • Hello. It's hard to tell from what you've said whether it's an allergic reaction to the cream or sun burn? Did you feel like you had burnt in the sun? Or was it just a rash? How was your face? Did you get a malar rash? I always use the prescription one or sun cream for sensitive skins. I've always had sensitive skin and had to be careful with washing powders and shower gels etc. Did you see your GP in the half term about sun cream on prescription? Don't forget a hat tomorrow. x

  • I didn't get a chance to see the gp . I used the cream and just got really itchy legs at night . It left me with a few red marks when I scratched . My arm was just itchy and went red a bit . I weren't sunburnt or anything like that . My face was completely fine . My rash didn't get any worse and my face wasn't itchy

  • I might try it on my legs and arms tomorrow and if I get itchy then I know it's the cream on my arms and legs . If not it might of just been because what I was doing before when it was applied .

  • Hello loulamb...maybe we have this in common...I've spent my lifetime trying to find a sunscreen that my skin doesn't react badly to (I get itching and soreness and simply have to wash sunscreen off...I've wasted loads of £s giving bottles away). I think I'm probably reacting to fillers & carriers in the creams (eg I have to use the ointment versions of prescription topical steroids because I react badly to the creams). At the the mo, I'm referred to addenbrookes allergy clinic to investigate for for MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome) which fits with my history & current hyperreactive signs & symptoms. Mast cell issues could go some way to explaining the causes underlying all this

    For what it's worth:

    Last year in Switzerland I discovered the factor 50 Daylong range...I tried the "kids" type & had no problems...this summer I've tried the "sensitive" type and had no problems...

    When we got home, I discovered the Daylong range is available on amazon. Here is a link:

    🍀😘🍀😘 coco

  • I'll have a look at it . I just didn't understand why Face didn't feel itchy

  • Hmmmm

    That is strange...sorry I missed that your face was ok...had you already put moisturiser or something on your face before the sunscreen?

  • No I hadn't put anything on before. I put very little on my face compared to my arms and legs . Maybe it's because of the amount put on my arms and legs .

  • Could well be!

    By the way, I apply Daylong to all exposed bits of my bod.d face, neck, upper chest, arms, legs etc.

    I simply can'tbelieve I've not had a bad reaction to Daylong....yet....🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Hello Lou. Like previous replies I've tried 'em all! Recently I bought

    Altruist after seeing it recommended on this site but I itch if I put it on the sensitive skin on my neck. I get Sunsense 50 on prescription and it seems to be the only one I can use. Before you waste more of your hard earned cash I would try and get some from the NHS. And I know it's hard, especially as you are so young, but I don't think you should be exposing your skin to the sun. Good luck.

  • I will have to go to the doctors . Today I just applied cream to my face and it's been fine .

  • It could be that something in it only reacts with your skin when it reaches a certain temperature as it will spark off the release of some of the chemicals in the sunscreen. Although I will add I spent years thinking I was allergic to sunscreens and it was because they didn't protect me from light enough. In my case it's to all light but if your sunscreen is one that absorbs UV rather than blocking it then that might be why. You really need a factor 50+ full sun BLOCK rather than sun screen. It will then sit on the skin and reflect the light away and protect your skin more - it needs to have titanium oxide or zinc oxide in it from memory or it doesn't protect you properly. The best bet is to get the ones from your gp as they don't make your skin turn white like some of them can do. If you can't get to the docs before you need it then pop in boots and get either some sunsense factor 50+, uvistat factor 50+ (I find this one a bit greasy and my face doesn't like it so much) or some la Roche Possay anthelios sun block, again 50+ as these are the prescribable ones. They aren't cheap at about £15 a tube on average but it'll cover you until you can get it prescribed. And then apply, apply and reapply. Sunglasses (brown tint work better for me than black), hat and cover up as with lightweight materials that you can't see through if you hold them up to the window as much as you can. Places like Uniqlo do some uv protective cover ups at reasonable prices too to give you that bit of extra protection for any bits you might miss or for when it starts to be less effective after time. Good luck x

    Oh and the arms/face thing may be misleading .. I have some creams that my face reacts to but the rest of me doesn't and vice versa. It could be that one area is more sensitive but my guess would be is that your face has some natural resistance developed over time as it is exposed more all the time as compared to arms/legs

  • I applied sun cream to my arms today and they weren't as itch . I think I may not be putting enough on from the amount of sun I was in . I was going to ask about sunglasses . My eyes are terrible in the sun . Do you recommend any brand of sunglasses to buy or where from

  • Sorry was just adding to my post re the arms and legs thing. I have specialist sunglasses that actual diffuse light as I have problems with all lighting. They are Maui or something like that and are £250 a pair - worth every penny for me but a lot for anyone that doesn't get the same problems! Again go into somewhere like Boots and try some on and pay attention to which ones make you squint less. In my case it's the amber spectrum that helps but grey or green are good for me too but yours may be a different light spectrum causing you problems. Make sure they are wrap around if you can so they let less light in including at the sides though. I would say try on some normal ones and see how your eyes feel looking at the shop lights and then try some brown/amber and see if it makes any difference. For me I then find the light less "offensive" and not so bright - sounds odd to call light offensive but it's the only word that comes close to describing it :)

  • Oh and if you are sle you really shouldn't be in direct sunlight to that degree as it can spark flares. You really should be covering up as well as using the sunscreen and avoiding the direct sunlight as much as you can - I was told in some ways I'm quite lucky that I react to it so strongly as it stops me staying in it as a lot of lupus patients feel well in the sun and don't realise the risk/damage it is taking

  • I'm not usually in the sun a lot . I'm always in my room . There never is normally and sun in England 😂 . Now there is some I need to get myself sorted

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