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High blood pressure anyone

Had a rough wk or two been working hard a bit run down was thinking I won't take Metatrexate this Friday give myself a chance to feal better over weekend then thought no take it as my legs have been bad hands very bad and did not want them to get worse, started to feal bad about 8hr after taking methatrexate sat was the same spent most of it flat out Sunday felt hungover bad head took blood pressure wife sore me looked at the reading 155/101 went to dr said it was probably methatrexate any one else had high bp on methatrexate "wing over"

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Hi ian Russell best to talk to docter before taking a break from methotrexate are you having regular blood tests does your docter give you the results if you feel unwell with your high blood presure speak to your docter or reumatoligist take care

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I have monthly bloods for 14 months but I've ever had them explained to me ?thanks for the reply


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