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Recent blood test results?

Just checking if SLE can be the cause of low HDL cholesterol and RDW?

I've never had a problem with cholesterol and noticed my HDL should be 1.3 mmol/L and it's 0.99. And my RDW is 12.1 (12.2-15.4).

I'm usually low on ferritin but all other tests are fine and I do supplement and have for the last year due to my hypothyroidism and advice I got on Thyroid UK.

I'm seeing my Rheumy next week and wondered if I should raise this with her? Thanks x

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Miss MissFG,

People with SLE can develop high levels of cholesterol due to treatment with steroids or from becoming obese. Do you know what your overall cholesterol panel looks like? How are your LDL levels? From the information I have I cannot find a link between lupus and low HDL, but that doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't one.

One of the causes of a low RDW is anaemia which can be common in people who have SLE.

If you are concerned about your results then it may be worth asking your consultant about them.

Let us know how you get on.

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Thanks Paul my LDL results were all fine but I did research and it says low HDL can also be a risk of heart issues. However I'm having my echocardiogram next Friday so that should help.

I'll speak to my consultant thank you


Low HDL can be a risk factor for heart disease because it is generally "good" cholesterol which reduces your overall cholesterol levels.

Studies have shown that people with lupus are much more at risk of having pro-inflammatory HDL which is actually bad for cardiovascular health. Blood panels cannot distinguish between these bad, pro-inflammatory HDLs and the "good" HDLs.

I imagine as long as your overall cholesterol panels are OK then your consultant should be happy.


Good that's reassuring!


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