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Tongue pain

Hi everyone, a quick weird question:

Do any of you suffer with pain in the tongue that radiates to lower teeth and jaw and sometimes throat?

Mine comes suddenly and it can last a day or two, then goes away (though not completely) and then back again.

I haven't yet mentioned it to any of the doctors. I have a slight swelling of the middle of my throat, so I just checked my thyroid thoroughly - all ok. The endo suggested to go see an ENT guy to look down my throat.

Of course, a quick search of the symptoms on Google brings all sorts of head and neck cancers that could cause that. That might be entirely possible, of course, but before I get too panicked, I thought I'd ask here. We usually have a great assortment of unexplained symptoms. I've already considered salivary glands inflammation, though not sure it affects the tongue that much. Still, a good possibility.

I'm also being investigated for MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome) which might explain the on/off nature but the pain never really goes away, it only diminishes to bearable.

Let me know if you've got something like this and if so, what did your doctor say about it?

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Hi Purple,

Sorry you're having problems with tongue pain but you are not alone. I don't think mine radiates to my jaw and throat as the pain in those is different but my tongue is always painful and the sensations come and go. Some times it tingles like crazy and others it burns or feels sore like I've bitten it when I haven't. Apparantly this is common in sjogrens so I would assume the same in lupus and other CTD.

Try not to worry about cancers and all sorts as it is more likely to be connected to your ongoing issues. Hope you get some answers soon.


Thank you, I am suspecting Sjogrens too, alongside lupus. These autoimmune diseases never come alone, they bring their cousins to play as well.

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Yes, teeth ache ! Jaw aches. Tongue sore and triple chin like I have Mumps ! All part of the fun! I have Sjogren's and Discoid Lupus.

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Interesting about Sjogrens, thanks for sharing.

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