Sjogrens Tongue?

Sjogrens Tongue?

Last week my lymph swelled and are still tender, then my tongue began to burn right at the tip now my left side of my throat is a little irritated and red and now my tongue is raw cracked and just... You be the judge!!! I go next week for salivary gland function test at nuclear medicine to r/o or Dx Sjogrens, but I'm to the point that I'm wearing my shades inside the ceiling fan, AC basically everything is just killing my eyes!!! On top of I think I'm in a SLE/Fibro flare !! Going for labs in the AM!!! But does this appear to be Sjogrens tongue ???

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  • I too have Sjogrens and have similar patches around the edge of my tongue (tried to post a pic but can't get it to copy). I get a whitish coating on the top of the tongue as well and try to keep it down by brushing and using a tongue scraper attachment on my electric toothbrush.

    My rheumy can't be bothered to talk about anything but my joint problems so I spoke to my GP when I went for a repeat prescription. She said it was obviously Sjogrens and the rheumatologist should be dealing with it. She has prescribed eye drops and ointment and gave me a mouth spray. What I find most annoying is the dryness inside my nose which is quite sore so I try to make it more comfortable by rubbing a little Vaseline on the inside of each nostril with a cotton bud.

    Just another thing to add to the ever growing list of symptoms.

  • Yes I too have similar tongue all red sore and cracked round the edges. The dryness in my mouth goes all the way down my throat and makes me cough especially during the night. Dr said take lots of sips of water but I find that no use but he gave me Glandosane mouth spray which helps better.

    I have been using it for years.

    Am losing many teeth too despite keeping them so clean, but siliva protects your teeth so it is easy to get gum disease with Sjogrens.

    Same treatment as for the Lupus, just another pain of a thing to add on as Grannyjogger says above.

    Also have to use eye drops everyday and Vaseline in nose.

    Want to be reborn and sent down in a new body!

    Hope you get relief soon. X

  • I have been told by a medical professional that Glandosane is not good for your teeth. I think he said it was acidic.

  • Yes I have heard that too but so far they haven't offered me any alternative on prescription.

    We're you given the name of something else?

    I did buy Biotene years ago but was not so keen on it.

    I have used glandosane for years but my teeth were in a bad way for years before I started using it despite abandoning eating sweets from the age of ten as I was so fed up getting fillings!

  • I use biotene gel at night, chew gum during the day. Not found anything else. I didn't find glandosane helpful.

  • Sjogrens indeed. Another one of the lovely long list to look forward to. My tongue looks similar each morning. I found an electric toothbrush best and kids toothpaste one my tongue as I react to increasing amounts of foods now and mouth washes etc. Ulcers need to be managed as they can get infected. The dry mouth gum or just water. The dry eyes are a different issue. Sustains eye drops I fine are the best. X

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