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Sorry another question

Went to the GP last week and was treated for Uti as dipstick showed very raised level of White Blood Cells and raised Protein. Called back for results, no culture grown???? So no Uti, still not feeling 100% but better than I did. Should I be concerned? Kidney involved scares the hell out of me as I only have one and have a history of kidney illness from birth. I have called Rheumatology Nurse but she has not called me back yet, GP hasn't got a clue what's going on and next Rheumatology appt isn't until mid June. Just need to put my mind at rest really.

Thanks x

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Drink plenty of free fluids and if symptoms persist over w/e, ask for a repeat urine dip or sample to go to lab. Sometimes a uti doesn't show up in early stages of symptoms. A repeat sample a week or so after first will rule an infection in or out. Persistent protein and or blood on dip might indicate the need for an albumin/creatinine ration urine check or a 24 hr urine collection to assess protein excretion. But a one off dip with protein can have multiple causes. Even 'nooky', wiping yourself frequently if peeing a lot, mild yeast infections etc can cause these findings, so persistence of the findings would be the indicator for further investigations.

Drink lots and I really hope this settles over the w/e. Lemon barley water is great for helping correct ph of bladder, so get some Robinsons and try drinking that for a few days. Good luck, I hope it's nothing sinister. X


Was your urine sample "clean"? At least what is called a mid-stream specimen - you start to pee and only then catch some urine in the beaker. Otherwise, maybe it was too early as Rowan says.

However - if you had all the symptoms of a UTI, pain, frequency etc, it is possible it was what is called interstitial cystitis.

"Bladder Infections or Irritation: A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a common cause of leukocytes in urine, as is bladder irritation (or cystitis). The condition is more common in women, and it is thought that 10% to 20% of all women have at least one UTI every year. High levels of bacteria and WBC is considered a telling sign of infection or irritation. Interstitial cystitis is a frequent bladder irritation that is not caused by an infection. It is also called painful bladder syndrome. High white blood cell levels in the urine will also be present in interstitial cystitis."

Do you take calcium supplements by any chance? I find I get cystitis if I take my calcium/vit D tablets on a day when I don't drink as much as usual (because I'm travelling for example). The excess calcium is passed out in the urine and can form grit if the urine becomes too concentrated - and irritates the bladder and urethra.


Thanks for your reply. Having had Kidney problems since birth, I am sadly well versed with UTI's and samples and medication etc. Lemon Barley is going in by the bucket load. I don't take any supplements, and I didn't have classic UTI symptoms as such, just stomach and chest pain and slight pain in my back and side, no blood which would normally be present. I will try the Nurse again and have continued the antibiotics, thanks for your help x


Hmm - not the sort of thing to make an assumption of UTI on and give abx I'd have thought.

Yes, having started the abx you have to finish, just in case there are some bugs it is having an effect on.

Hope you feel better soon.


Shingles again! Feel like I can't catch a break but that explains the pains


My husband has UTI's frequently as did a friend who has cancer. She recommended D-Mannose a food supplement from Holland and Barrett - she was clear of ITU within a day or two. It was recommended by her Consultant - he explained that D-Mannose stops the bacteria that forms in the urine left in the bladder . My husband is so so much better, his urine now doesn't smell really bad and he is free of UTI - he takes the recommence daily preventative dose. Good luck.