igm anticardiolipin antibodies

Hi guys,

Finally got app to see GP I spoke to on Tues. Almost had a breakdown on the phone trying to see her as I'm sick of seeing a different one every time and going through all the symptoms...anyway, finally got a referral to see a rhuemy as the above was positive. At least it's a start so one step closer...also been prescribed amatryptalline (forgive spelling)

Thank you all for the support, advice and strength to say that I'm not happy with my treatment and how to be proactive without being bolshy. You're amazing 😚😚😚

Charlie xx

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  • Well done you! Suggest you use the Hughes/ APS HealthUnlocked too if you aren't already. Sticky Blood-Hughes Syndrome Support | HealthUnlocked

    Hoping treatment will help enormously. Fingertips too bad to type so this is all from me. Best of luck! X

  • Thanks twitchy - sending you a big hug

    Charlie xx

  • 🤗👍🏻

  • Hi charliebear

    Great news about a Rheumy referral. Hope you don't wait too long to be seen. Let us know how you get on. Hope Amitriptyline helps, expect your starting on the lowest dose?. It's a helpful drug. X

  • Thanks misty - I had my first amatryptalline the night before last and it knocked me out! I slept almost all night but was I groggy the next day! It took ages to come to.

    You keep in touch too

    Charlie xx

  • Hi charliebear

    Are you taking the lowest dose 10 mg?. I've been lucky it hasn't knocked me out, could have done with it sometimes!. Ha!. Hopefully it will get better. Take careX

  • I have igm anticardiolipin antibodies my rhuemy said it's not a problem some people have it but don't have the symptoms. Unless you have had a blood clot or miscarriages then he wouldn't be concerned

  • Hi Sami13,

    I didn't know what was relevant until I joined the sticky blood forum. It has been a few years since my baby making days 😆 However, I did have pre-eclampsia, lost a baby, had a small baby, blackouts, etc. I know knowledge is power but I'd not even heard of 'sticky blood'. There are so many people just dismissed as nuisances but my biggest worry is the diligence of GP's. Mine is crap -I have learned this is all because I have a fab dermy.

    Take care 😊

  • Mine is great but the rheumatologists I've seen have been awful. They make you feel so stupid. Makes me so cross. My baby days are also a long time ago thank god but I also had a small baby and a premature baby wonder if that's the reason ? I will have to have a look on the sticky blood forum. I don't know anything about it

    Sam x

  • Hi Sam,

    Definitely join the sticky blood forum - they are so welcoming and full of great advice.

    Charlie xx

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