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Men with Lupus and children

Would be great to hear from men with Lupus or partners of men with Lupus. My husband and I are considering having children and this means him changing medication from Mycophenolate.

He was only diagnosed last year in April after a month in hospital but now down to 2mg pred and no flares. Such a dilemma knowing whether it's the right thing to do. Will azathioprine cause him any problems? He places a lot of pressure on himself but fear he has suffered lasting nerve damage as a result of the huge flare he had as well as MASS syndrome. Also don't want his stability to change.

I would like to try for a family and not getting any younger but my husbands health comes first.

Has anyone got any tips, advice or guidance?

Thank you x

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Hi. It sure I can offer much advice. I am male with a partner and 3 foster children. I am currently on azathioprine amongst other things. Waiting to start on mycophenolate (due to additional autoimmune conditions) before onset I worked full time and my partner cared for the children. Following onset I now just work part time early mornings and late evenings and my partner works full time over 4 days so we can balance things out. Is it tiring? Yes. Would I change it? No. You find a way to make it work. If you have any further questions please ask as I am aware there's not many men who post in these sites. For info I'm 41


Thank you. It's just nice to share worries without worrying him about me - some days are just harder but the majority are happy and positive :-)


Hi Loopywife,

If you would like to chat to more men with lupus, we do have some trained volunteer telephone contacts who are male. If you would like their contact details, please send me a private message or email

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Thanks that would be great!


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