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Tabs not working

Hydroxychloriquine not working

Hi I've been on these tabs for 2years now when I was diagnosed with SLE lately this week I've been getting the same symptoms all week every day my tongue swells up like it did at start before the tabs started working. Can the condition become immune to the tabs??? Can anyone advise please. I know I need to go back to GP.

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Ive bn on that med for 2 yrs and helped in the first 6 months. Doesn't do anything for me anymore either. Maybe dose needs to be higher. U hate lupus meds. Sometimes I give my body a break and stop taking meds for awhile. Not recommending this idea for you but "just speaking about me." Make appointment with your rumetologist ASAP


Yes, I would definitely see about getting regular bloodwork done and then get to see a rheumatologist. I've found over the past six years I seem to have a very high rate of medication suddenly no longer working. So it is perfectly possible.

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Hi 12derby.

It is definitely worth talking to your doctor and getting blood tests done to see if your disease activity has increased. You may be experiencing a flare. Your doctor may wish to make an adjustment to your current treatment regimen to help control your lupus more effectively.


Thank you Paul went to GP he's going to refer to rheumatology as I was due appt last year and didn't get as too busy due to new doc spoke to rheumatology aswell who gave me the details.

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