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My name is Cathie. I have a number of inter-related debilitating medical conditions, of which SLE is the most recently diagnosed. I began Plaquenil in January, and found this blog while researching night-time itching of face and head. Thank you for the Wisdom and experience I find written in your posts. I don't feel so alone now. Let me in return, share a bit of my own wisdom .....


Grant me

The serenity

To accept what I cannot change:

I must accept that there is a limited time I can be on my feet in a day.

Two periods of 1/2 hour of housework


Three hours of appointments


A 1/2 hour walk

If I do more than this:

1) I will have a sore back this next day

2) it will provoke locked lordosis

3) then bowel function will be slowed

4) RLS symptoms will interrupt sleep

5) I will become over-tired

6) over-tired makes sleep more difficult

7) over-tired leads to eating poorly

8) Eating poorly causes brain fog

9) brain fog = poor decision making

10) poor decision making leads to being on my feet too much

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You are one smart lady for you have learned to pace yourself. Thank you for your wise comment.


I have restless leg syndrome too. It's so difficult even with Ropinarole to get to sleep some nights. If you have found anything that works let me know. I realize it gets worse with an iron deficiency.


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