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Flying with Lupus/ITP

Hi all hope you are all well.

Got a question about flying. I'm off to a family wedding at the end of March to Gibraltar, it's only a 3 1/2 hour flight but unsure if I need to wear flight socks.

I was diagnosed with ITP and Lupus but as my medication is working for the Lupus and after having rituximab for the ITP last year I've now been discharged by the haematology department but I'm still seeing my specialist for Lupus. So my platlets are good but I do have sticky blood which I now, on top of everything else, take baby aspirin daily. Should I be wearing flight socks? I've called the specialist and left a message but still await a reply and I don't see her in person until April. Should I be worried about blood clots??

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Hi Sami1982,

This factsheet about travelling from APS Support UK has some useful information for you -

It says, "Consider buying flight socks (compression stockings) as research has shown they can reduce the risk of DVT and leg swelling during flights of four hours and more. However, they must be the right size and worn correctly."


If in doubt - wear them. I am on an anticoagulant so in that respect have no problems at all to worry about. But wearing flight socks means I get there and have normal sized feet and ankles immediately, don't have to wait for them to go down!

If you are really worried about it speak to your doctor - who may even give you heparin shots to cover the flight.

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As flight staff are encouraged to keep us seated during flights, flight socks make sense for all passengers with plenty of fluids... I even put ear plugs in to help my inner ear & pressures on take off & landing.. Also stretch your legs if you can just wiggling toes etc can be a

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I have worn flight socks on a 2.5 hour flight and they made me feel I had an extra comfort blanket. Please don't just walk into a chemist or shop and buy them though as they don't give much compression. Make sure they are measured for you and you can do this by a couple of places online (compressionsocks) was one of them. You can also get tights if you prefer.

On longer flights I have heparin injections and my trusted socks again.

Have a nice time 😀

L x


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