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Hi everyone

Hello everyone, It is lovely to meet you, and I wondered if you could help me. I have SLE Lupus with secondary Sjogrens. In the last 7-8 weeks I have had four colds. To be factual I had a small cold followed by flu and I was ill for three weeks (saw GP). Two weeks ago I started to get a cold then it stopped and the symptoms went away. This week I have what appears to be a nasty cold. I have a question that I wondered if anyone could answer. I know i cant take anything to boost my immune system, What can I take or do to help me get over these viruses? I work part time in a school. I am concerned that if I keep being ill I would have to give up my job. I don't want to go down that route.

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Hi megx3,

You may find this page on the NHS website helpful -

I hope you're feeling better soon. Has your GP done any blood tests to check your white blood cell count? Are they happy with the current levels?


I'm in the same boat,

I also have SLE with secondary sjogrens and In the last 2 days I've developed a cold, I've just had to increase my Mycophenolate so can't help wondering if that the reason, as I don't get many colds now that I've retired.

My doctors tell me to stop the Mycophenolate for a few days to help fight infections, but you must take advice from yours.

Get well soon 💐


Hello. I have been on MMF 3g a day since July/August last year. It finally seems to have my lingering symptoms under control but I too, am going from one cough and cold to another and had a bladder infection last year and a nasty sickness and diarrhoea bug ths year too. I never seem 100% well. So I did go to my GP to talk about it. It's that elusive balance between controlling the lupus but catching all the bugs and germs. So GP suggested that she do a blood test to check my immunoglobulin levels. They are apparently are all normal, as are my monthly blood test results, to monitor my on the MMF. So nothing is being changed. She did tell me to try Berocca or something similar and I took these for a few weeks over christmas and the new year. I'm not sure if they helped or not. I'm guessing I just have to put up with the coughs and colds etc - as it's a small price to pay for the lupus being under control. By the way, I worked as a Teaching Assistant - part time until the end of last summer term. I couldn't keep it up with my children and family life and work. It was draining me. My lupus was not under control at all then. I miss the children and the job a lot. In fact a secretary form the school has lupus and despite being on a complete immune suppressant she manages being in the school environment very well, but her contact with the children is limited by the nature of her job. I guess we are all different. For me and my illness/energy levels I know I made the decision for me, starting MMF and needing to out my young family first. Please discuss this issue with your GP, they may well do some bloods and find something that needs tweaking etc, it might help. Best wishes.


Hi , I take vitamin c +zinc lozenges from holland+baretts the line the throat .hardly ever get colds.hope that helps .


Are you not taking Vitamin D3 ?

My rheumy prescribed them to me because they modulate the immune system, she says. I just started this week, but a cold that was just beggining faded.

Maybe your GP can tell you if this is right for you.


Hi I can sympathise with you totally . I have SLE Sjorgrens hypothyroid raynauds and recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer (early stage ) -I started on cyclosporine about 9 months ago in the hope I could get off prednisolone and since then I have had 4 very nasty chest infections so each time I am told to stop the cyclosporine then restart when feeling well - I was a paediatric nurse for 29 years and sadly had to take ill health retirement last year at 46 as my health was deteriorating I was devastated however, I can now see why I needed to be away from work and needed time to rest etc . Sometimes I feel like just stopping all the Meds as I don't feel any better and wonder what they are doing to me but then remember we need them despite all the side effects - I was told to take a daily multi vitamin and Vit D3 - I hope you feel better soon and manage to stay at school doing your job !

Sorry I think I have gone off on a tangent and waffled on - best wishes to you 😀


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