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I'm new on here but have just had surgery

I was diagnosed with SLE 13 yrs ago and have always had what I feel is mild disease, no major organ involvement, still work full time etc. I am treated with hydroxychloroquine. I have had the occasional flare when my joints are really sore and I am more tired - a course of oral steroids usually helps. I had such a flare last summer but could not get off the steroids, every time I got down to 5 mg I would flare again. I was out on a really slow reducing regime and got to 2.5 mg in Jan. I was feeling well and then got struck by appendicitis last weekend and had an extremely infected appendix removed. My oral steroids were increased to 5mg and I had a day of intravenous ( I've) steroids, 25mg x 4 injections. I also had in antibiotics. I am home now and the wound has healed well, no signs of infection. I am moving well, no pain. However, I am totally exhausted- like never before. Everything is a massive effort, I also have occasional sweating episodes, my tell has only been up once. I cannot believe how tired and drained I feel. I was warned my lupus may get worse after surgery - is this it? Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks .

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Yikes: glad you're home & recovering!

I'd have expected to have considerable fatigue for weeks after an ordeal like that...drained would be the word for it.

In my experience, at any age, ops take minimum 3 months to regain stamina & resilience even in a "well" person.

I v much hope you're getting follow up from your gp, ruegein & lupus clinic during your recuperation? They need to know how you're doing...and in "a timely fashion" πŸ˜‰

Am so glad you're here...hope you'll let us know how you get on as recovery continues

πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ coco


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