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The continuing 10 month saga of it will be alright on the night doc

The continuing 10 month saga of it will be alright on the night doc

knee clinic sent me down to walk in centre due to could not exersise on foot big problems trying to motivate big toe They say never seen anything like this before EHH well u have now mate ankle still giving way pain in knee, but i can Get upstars on it cos i push but that ankle im sure took the knee out I showed a demonstration of knee twisting and ankle going in What have you come with today the ankle knee or foot WHAT you can only look at one thing and u cant do xrays WHAT SORT OF A SYSTEM IS THIS

I was asked to go to podiatry so walked over their got to see them next day

Whent to see them and they bandayed up my toe well ive been doing a better job than them to stop it rubbing and using savlon on it

Showed them the knee twisting also showed them my finger with lumps on looks like ra to me the colour of the palms no nothing showing in blood diabetic then no nothing showing in blood

The only thing i have shown up when i got rid of these lumps some 4 years ago and got back to fitness WAS INFERNON GAMA TEST (POSITIVE) which means at some point in time i have been exposed to TB have you got any chest complaints no I EXPLAINE HOW IF YOU HAVE BEEN ON IMMUNE SUPRESANTS FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME THIS CAN FLAIR UP AND IT S CALLED bone tb outside your lungs gets in anyway most people have tb without even knowing it at all I WANTED TO GET A TEST ON THIS BUT IN 10 MONTHS NO ONE IS INTERESTED let get this one out of the way if thats negative well i dont know what

So as you can see rumi woman i had for 4 years says now havent got lupus discharged from them so what have i got All this started through hernia opperation 10 weeks after so far it has had

one ankle, then one knee, then fingers,then ringing in ears.then back ache,then teeth 2 had to be removed at hospital and receeded all my gums. Is ther anything left to have i wonder cos i dont half have rigamortice in a morning and swelling mildly at night.

picture dosnt due that toe and blue toes justice

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I'm so sorry the health system isn't doing more to help you with these problems. You're clearly trying hard to get the help you need. have you thought about having a once off appt with a private gp &/or rheumatologist?

πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ coco


hi barnclown WELL ITS LOOKING That way im in so much discomfort with this thing i cant go in swimming cos water to cold cant go in hot tub just incase me big toe get more frost bitten and to clear it all of my better leg has started to get siatica in it must be through walking of it You sort of push and think its going to get better but it dosnt get better it goes worse and worse. i keep reading up on different exersises but to no avail this leg is sort of getting weeker i even bought a tens machine to see if that will help. so far ive got a rotten mouth with having 2 teath out hand with lumps that have not moved i can bend them etc some times they are up somtimes not . A ankle that want to give way and knee that wont track properly under knee cap. The surgion says nothing wrong in ankle only showing a bit of cartlidge los at outside of knee. I now dont know which came first the ankle or is it the knee with the mris i had done. I seem to be a lost cause at moment with every week that goes by being worse and im not looking on black side just seems to be going that way.

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You're v courageous minka...hang in there...maybe see if you can do what our footy did when she was in a similar dead end with her issues: she found a good private GP who thrashed through her complex probs with her...helping her figure out the best way forward



Just tried be do g inflamed big toe back bit of crunching and cracking in their at moment t so resting on bed it will warm up later bet


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