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Huge Boil And then Meds Dispensed. Rant!

I have a rapidly expanding boil on my neck. I visited a friend in hospital yesterday and hope I haven't picked up a nasty, or passed it on. I did the scrupulous handwasking on the way in and out, and she has no open wounds but insisted kindly I tucked my freezing hands under her dressing gown.

Then I wondered why I have been asleep all day. I have to collect my bipolar meds every 28 days from a hospital pharmacy. They are dispensed in a nomad box so foggy brain knows she has taken the right ones at the right time, and GPs aren't grown up enough to prescribe these ones. The pharmacy asked me to wait 3 hrs so they could be double-checked . £12 on a taxi to discover today the evening ones have been put in the morning section. I even dug out the last nomad box to ensure it wasn't foggy brains who thinks they got it wrong.

I'm consulting Dr Google's meds pictures to check if they have even got any of them correct I'm so distrustful.

Rant, swear, etc. You know what I mean.

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Title should have read "wrongly dispensed". Told you I've been asleep all day .....

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Shocking. Change your pharmacy. And put in a written complaint.


Thanks. Blistering complaint done instantly and copied far and wide. Only pharmacy in Leeds that has the meds, so only one I can get the meds from unfortunately.


Did they have the decency to apologise at least?


Formal complaint required - getting dispensed meds wrong is dangerous and someone needs to be retrained.


No apology possible - they push off early at 5pm, but an apology is not good enough, this is serious. A formal complaint definitely going to happen. Two people need retraining methinks - whoever made up nomad box and whoever said "yes, that's right".


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