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Happy new year !!(did you wake up with a flareup)

Hello everyone

Happy new year!! We are here in 2017 Thank God !!. This is a brief description of my xmas/new year happenings . I will not to bore you.

I was so prepared for xmas trying to make it the perfect xmas for my mum and son. I wasn't going to do the cooking but helped with shopping (drinks, meat& chops). I tried to get the perfect present for both my mum and son (how did that turn out). I got a monster truck remote control car for my son. For my mum, she lost her wedding picture when we moved to England and she really wanted to have it. Earlier this year my cousin sent me on whatsapp a picture he took with his phone of my parents wedding picture. I edited the picture, enlarged and framed it. I even made a personal enlarged picture of my dad.

Perfect!! Right!! (Not so fast). Presents where wrapped and i was excited to see their faces when they opened it. I had a bad flare up pre xmas and xmas eve. Miraculously i woke up well on xmas day and early enough to put my son's xmas present under the tree. He was excited that santa got him a monster truck and he got another transformer car (wasnt particular about that). I put the batteries in and he played with it for awhile, we had to keep it away cos we had visitors, but at the end of the day we decided to play with it again. He didnt drive it 4 less than 30mins and the truck didnt move. I changed the batteries still no luck. I was furious( i had to send it back). Thanks to the transformer car he actually preferred it to the monster truck at the end of the day.

I saved my mum's present till the end of the day. I gave her the pictures she loved it but she had a "but"( she also wanted her personal wedding picture enlarged&framed). To make matters worse my aunty say the picture and start pointing out the imperfections ( what do u expect it is a picture taken from another picture!!!). We had a visitor some days later who likee the picture and i was expecting my mum to tell him it was my xmas present to her but she didnt mention atall. It just sounded as if she got the picture herself ( i was abit disappointed). Wasnt so perfect atall.

On the bright side we had plenty of food and drinks. Cakes( horrified about the weight gain after this seasons). Trying to finish all the sweet stuff and get back to diets (cheeky me)😅😎.

New years eve was good, made a prayer plan for the year. Got into bed and started my prayer into the new year. The fireworks was blazing outside it felt good that 2017 was upon us. One thing i forget was to take my night time meds and i was so tired to go downstairs. I i slept reasonably well but during the early hours of the day (7.30am). I got up to get ready for church, i felt pain creeping in. I took my morphine syrup, made myself a cup of tea, got my son up to brush his teeth and i was planning to give him a shower and get him ready for church. I brushed my teeth start in my chair for tea and i just could not move. My pain soaked up my muscles and that was the end of going to church. My cough was worse, good thing my mum had my smoothy ready and took my medication. I am still in bed in pain and visitors just entered. It is a painful 1st day of the year but i am glad am still here with my family. Although the presents didnt work out as i wanted but the perfect xmas was to have my mum and son around me.

Happy new year i hope u woke up to a brighter and pain free day.

God bless you all



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