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i am naveed from pakistan

i have lupus from last 8 years but i did not manage it properly due to financial problems . i am treated from many doctors but the result going same , the complications going same , no positive response

could any one help me how to manage it ? how to control it ?

my current treatment are

HCQ 200 mg

deltacortil 5mg

methotraxite 10 mg

comforta 10 mg

folic acid

please i need suggestions if any one interested to help me

here would be warm welcome



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Hi Naveed, yes living with Lupus is complicated, especially not knowing what triggers the symptoms.

What complications or negative responses have you had?

Do you still live in Pakistan?

What symptoms do you get?

Lupus affects each one of us differently & can be triggered in various ways or linked to other health conditions, diet, lifestyle, trauma & stress.

Hopefully if you contact Lupus UK , they will be able to give you more information about medical professional support options.

I have Lupus SLE but I don't take any of the medication you do but it is likely that another member will take one, some or all of the medication.

How does each medication treat your symptoms? Why are you taking each one?

Positive blessings to you from Mags

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While I have no advice on the medical side, I just want to let you know you're not alone in the waiting for treatment field. I, too, went years and years, without seeking treatment due to not having health insurance. Couldn't afford a doctor.

My friends tell me this is part of why my own condition is like yours - the same symptoms at the same volume and level, the same complications, even months of treatment in. Things do not seem like they are improving, just staying the same kind of miserable. They say that the longer the disease has to take hold (years in my case), the longer the initial recovery is.

I don't know if that's true, but it is some kind of small comfort. I hope it helps you even just a little.

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Hello naveed555 ,

I'm sorry that you have not been able to manage your lupus. Has your doctor considered making any changes to your current treatment to see if it may help to control your symptoms more effectively?

You can find a few articles with advice and tips on managing various lupus symptoms on our blog at

You can also read more about lupus in our publications which are all available for free to read and download at

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