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Hi I am Maxine I have Multiple Sclerosis. 1st diagnose with it 2005 I had to quit my job as a Nurse kept having relapses 2 and half years ago havent had one since but I have to take my shots as prescribed or I could. I recently took a part time job in a daycare center but not sure how long I can keep this up its been taking a toll on my body I fo draw my social security and disablity but just isnt enough to meet monthly needs. I am so thankful I can still move around pretty good just alot of pain and 😩 fatigue

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Hi Maxine...hard to be grateful when you dont feel well, but you manage to.

I thought I had MS years ago after I had my first daughter. I had trouble walking up the stairs. Many doctors later, no one could figure it out, except the kidney dr. They found my kidneys were scarred and my bloodwork showed positive ana for low end lupus. High CO2 level in my bloodwork...inflammation in my lungs. This was 3 years ago. I have worked endlessly on finding natural alternatives to medicine. Turmeric, magnesium, vit d. Just finished a thyroid repair, anti inflammatory 90 day diet. Helped a lot, but not completely healed.

Now, I am worried about my breast.

It never seems to end and is constantly changing, but I try to be grateful for every day I have with my family. And when the pain, tiredness, dizziness and breathing difficulties subside some days...I am truly grateful.

Take care....keep stress low if possible. I only work 24 hrs 4 days a week. All I can bear sometimes. My drive is stressful, but i hope to move in a couple of years to a quiter place .

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Dear Maxine, MS is such a difficult disease and different for everyone. I'm sorry to hear that yours has been so hard on your life. I don't have MS or lupus, but I love reading the posts on this board since I seem to have a connective issue disease. So many of these diseases and symptoms overlap and we can learn a lot from each other about coping and what to explore next. My husband and I were living our dream when I got sick. We had to return from serving as missionaries in Ukraine to the US for treatment. We had lived there eight years and were in love with our assignment and the people. We never planned on leaving. We came back for one month for me to 'rest' as was suggested from one doctor. However, for three years no one could find anything concrete and now it's been four. Just in the last year I have received diagnoses, yes multiple. But we are thankful that now we know more what I am dealing with and the doctors are being more helpful with trying medication. Personally, I haven't found much help in the natural way (vitamins, diets, etc) but many have. For me, medicine is the only thing that has helped, but I still try to take good supplements, eat a good diet and most of all rest. It's the only thing that keeps me going. I too can not work, but I am able to do volunteer work from home and that gives me a lot of fulfilment. I hope you too can find something to brighten your days.

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Hi Maxinejackson,

You may be interested in also having a look at this community on HealthUnlocked for people with MS - - It is administered by The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA).

You can also find some helpful information about MS and working from the MS Trust at


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