Multiple sclerosis

Do anyone get feeling of jelly like numbness in legs I'm currently waiting for a mri I've been very ill for yrs I have lupus and a lot of other health problems but I've wondered if I have ms for yrs face pain numbness pain wrap round chest spasms dizzy spells vertigo. Balance issues. But last few months alful jelly like feeling that makes me feel almost paralysed


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6 Replies

  • Often the MS turns out to Hughes Syndrome/APS the symptoms are similar and even the scans can look the same, lots of people with Lupus have Hughes also, I do as do my children.


  • Thanks for your reply I do have Hughes syndrome as well

  • Lot of us on here are on both forums, I and other friends are on this one for our Lupus information and on HSF for that. MaryFx

  • Hi Trueblood 3

    I can have similar symptoms to you , numbness, tingling in legs but not as badly as you describe. I also have the chest spasms which can be so painful, I'm recovering from a flare at the moment of it!. I have been told that Lupus can mimic the symptoms of MS which is why doctors have to check for it first before treating the Lupus!. It's a good thing your having the MRI scan, hope it's not too long a wait? Good luckX

  • Lupus can cause desalination damage the sheath around nerves cause symptoms andvsame result health wise as msn but some off the meds used in treatment will be different I have it g

  • Oh, yes. You are describing what I have felt many times. Particularly when I've had something with aspartame or MSG in it. Needless to say, I stay away from artificial anything.

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