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Feeling heard

Feeling heard

Went to gp, feeling good that I've been heard! being referred to Derm regarding some symptoms, looking at possible psoriatic arthritis due to nail changes and joint pain, stiffness. (See pics) something I've considered for a few years now.

She's running tests on nails, bloods and urine.

ANA screening

CCP anti CPPAb

Rheumatoid factor


I feel really satisfied that I have been listened to and that I will have a clearer picture of what's going on fairly soon..

I know that PA and SLE arerelated as they are both autoimmune diseases. I feel that getting my PA diagnosis brings me one step closer to the truth about my theory for possible lupus..

I hope that makes sense. And thanks to admin for the info and all those that commented on previous post :) hope you are all doing ok today x

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