This is the fourth story I've heard this week :(

Terribly tragic story in the news today - Iain Hodge, who was diagnosed with Hughes syndrome, committed suicide while trying to receive disability living allowance from the benefits agency. Our sincere condolences to all Iain's family and friends.

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  • Spread the word guys!

  • Sign now people!

  • thanks Sher. I didn't know about either site. Have posted them on Facebook. Why not put them in as a main blog as not everyone reads each and every blog, I know I don't :-). It doesn't matter that you may have done it before. Have a good day. Xx

  • Signed ..and sent on!

    Makes me sad ..and angry. :(

  • Signed it some time ago. Another sad story appeared in the yesterdays People. A lady who was ill, killed herself because of the bedroom tax.

    If all these deaths and suicides happened in any other sector of society, there would be an inquiry.

  • we all know that being chronically ill and in constant pain leads to depression. it would be good if the politicians took notice of this instead of crucifying us

  • The government think they are god an they don't care simple as that

  • you know why ebril, its their favourite phrase "people who want to get on" meaning anyone who isn't working for any reason doesn't want to. the sooner they are out of power the better. oh and I'm long term sick and disabled and recovering from cancer.

  • I worked since I was 16 I'm now 50 never claimed anything for me and my children but now after years of paying taxes I'm being penalised along with thousands of sick people for being sick.

  • Exactly ebril, I am the same :(

  • This is the thing, they tar EVERYBODY with the same brush. I have never claimed a thing in my life & always worked yet having 2 give up my job last year due 2 my lupus/APS etc becoming unbearable, the only thing I am claiming is DLA & ESA (no housing benefit, c. tax benefit etc) yet now they're trying 2 take that away from me. I have already lost my health & have a very low quality of life being in constant pain & having 2 take morphine just 2 b able 2 cope enough 2 get thru the day (I'm sure many of u can relate) yet they think I am fit enough 2 get a job, despite constantly being doped up 2 my eyeballs! The government is an absolute disgrace. Our ancestors fought 4 this country & look how it's turning out :(

  • That's me all over cant walk most days and in constant pain but like I said they are god and we are nothing I hope everyone votes them out but then will it make a difference ?

  • I have signed both petitions. I like you all have worked all my life, I'm considered young at 38 but have paid my taxes etc. I became ill due to hospital incompetence (no I haven't received a big payout) after a c-section I got an infection which was not diagnosed and my symptoms were not treated. I was discharged still ill and two days later I had a massive fit which a different hospitals A&E managed to bring me back from. Through the infection and my body shutting down and the drugs they had to give me to clear the infection (CDIF) the lupus became active.

    Through me being ill and diagnosed with Lupus amongst others it was obvious to my employers (local government) that it was impossible for me to continue with my job (which I loved), they assessed me with the view and hope that I could transfer to another dept but it was decided that my illnesses were to bad for me to work and I was laid off through ill health. I will have to go through the Esa and Pip Medicals etc and have put on my form that I lost my job through ill health, I just wonder what they will say. I wonder if an unqualified person will say I'm fit to work even though three separate occupational health assesors deemed me not to be.

  • This is tragic but I have to put another side. I was off work due to Depression and Lupus and now I am disabled through chemo for Leukaemia. During all this I had no problems with the benefits agencies/Atos etc. They all dealt with me in a caring and efficient manner.

  • I have just written something on Stephanie Bottrill's book of remembrance. This is getting ridiculous. My heart goes out to anyone who feels that suicide is a better prospect than living.

  • heart breaking story x

    signed and passed on

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