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Lung/chest pains

hi I got diagnosed with sle lupus n fibromalagia as well as raynauds (the raynauds bein a recent thing along with brainfog). 2 months ago I had a chest infection and now am suffering with pains in the bottom of my lungs n I struggle to breathe constantly. Am waiting for a ct scan and am on tramadol n paracetamol for the pain, has anybody else had anything lil this? I do also have copd but gp doesn't think copd is the issue, to be honest its a bit scary bein in pain in my lungs and struggling to breathe properly n I would appreciate any advice ppl may have thank u

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I don't understand why your doctor did not send you to the hospital to get checked out. you should have had a scan on the same day.

i became progressively more breathless in the last few weeks. i was forced to go to the doctor because it became very bad. I saw my doctor who said he can hear crackles in my lungs and sent me to the ambulatory clinic straight away in case i had a clot. once there i was given an xray and scan straight away, which showed inflammation in lungs.

please, please insist on a scan asap. you should not have to wait for a scan with the lung issues you are experiencing.

all the best.


I went for chest xrays and collapsed due to my breathing being bad they did blood tests and said xray showed infection was going and blood tests didn't show any clots so a n e sent me home. A lupus consultant told my GP that they'd arrange for ct scan but when gp checked it hadn't been booked so last week my GP ordered it for me so am just waiting for date now but I do go back to my GP every week to see what's going on but I just get told carry on with pain relief (they did want me on morphine but having spent over a year on morphine and steroids for my lupus last year I refused to start the morphine again hence being on tramadol this time) it's upsetting waiting for tests but no matter how often I ask I'm just getting nowhere yet. Thank u for your reply and advice I will go back to my GP and try to push for the scan to be rushed again


I feel for you as I have had lung problems for the last four years. It is definitely worth pushing for the scan to be quicker. I don't have any answers. In my case mainly one lung becomes inflamed and also has a burning feeling. It feels similar to when tonsils are swollen. I also from time to time spit up blood too. For me, this happens during a flare and I feel very ill with it . I am on methotrexate plus other drugs but it still happens. I just rest until I feel better again. I hope you feel better soon. Good luck



I had my second bout of pneumonia in July, and haven't felt right since, I suffer with shortness of breath, I also have sharp pain when I take a deep breath, also I randomly have a gulp/intake of breath which gives me a nasty pain in my left lung area!

Had chest xray last week and doc said my left lung his recovering from the pneumonia.


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