Hello I am a 23 year old female who for the past 3months has been suffering from random aches and pains. It started off with a terrible headache which the led into neck pain and neck stiffness. I see my doctor for blood tests and have 3 blood tests in 1-2 months. Esr was 25,29 & 28 and crp was tested once and was 21. He said this is an indication of inflammation but doesnt know where I feel like i totally fobbed off with anti-biotics. Before all this I started suffering with health anxiety which has gotten worse. Just wondering does this sound like lupus? Thanks.


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9 Replies

  • I don't want to alarm you or jump to conclusions, however I can tell you mine started just like that. I'd recommend at minimum requesting an ANA Titer. Good luck!

  • Hiya I have seen the doctor today who said I have chronic sinus infection and that is why my bloods are raised but im not 100% sure with that but I do have symptoms of sinus problems and have done for around 2 months. The pain is apparently due too my posture and I am due too see a doctor at the surgery who deals with that on the 2nd whow ill manipulate my neck which will ease the pain apparently so looks like I have too wait and see. x

  • My feeling is that 3 months is not all that long to have been experiencing aches and pains. It sounds as though your GP has actually been quite thorough by testing your inflammatory markers already. I think that you should continue to be vigilant and perhaps keep a symptom diary but don't be too concerned just yet - there are many things that could be causing the inflammation. Take care x

  • Hello thank you for your reply yes I totally agree with you but 3 months seems like a lifetime lol, I am feeling alot bnetter the past 3 weeks compared to before and my esr marker has dropped by 1 so not sure if thats much good. Seen the doctor today who has diagnosed me with actue sinus problems and has given me pills to take for 2 months he said this could be why the bloods are raised as my sinus cavities are raised. x

  • Hi chelsealouise33x,

    Has your GP done any blood tests for lupus (or other autoimmune conditions) such as an antinuclear antibody (ANA) test or anti-dsDNA antibody test? It is worth pushing your doctor to do these tests and refer you to a rheumatologist for further investigation of your symptoms.

    Since your doctor prescribed antibiotics, I presume that they suspect your symptoms are caused by a virus. Have they arranged a follow-up appointment to see how you are getting on?

    If you want more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, you can request or download one of our free packs at

  • Hello no I haven't had any blood tests like that just your standard ones. I see a doctor today who said it was a chronic sinus infection and that what causes raised blood makers. Also the pain in my back and neck is due to weight and poor posture and I have to go back in 2 months about the sinus infection and am back on 2nd of nov too see a doctor about my neck pain.

  • I hope that the diagnosis and treatment are correct and that you start to feel better. If you feel that the antibiotics aren't helping, go back to your GP and ask them to do some additional tests.

  • I will do thank you

  • When i was 17 I started to get weaker and weaker, couldn't open things get up stairs I was told I had all sorts until they actually took proper blood tests and then to speed things up went privately for people our ages it's more serious, and it's less common why they don't like saying it's this or that, but I would keep at them i was in the doctors near enough every week, but they don't like saying it's the worst till they know, and trust me you would rather it be something stupid, but don't give up if u feel like ur body isn't right, I knew mine wasn't.

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