Long list of symptoms - what is your take on them?

Hello :)

The other night I kept getting searing pains down my front right thigh. Feeling fed up with all the various oddities of pains, feelings I found a checklist for Lymes Disease. Wow! I have about 80% of them. Doc gave blood work for lymes (I have inkling that it isnt - sometimes your gut feeling is right)

This list came canlyme website and it says that often the symptoms for lymes disease and ms are the same. I havent been diagnised with sle, at this point just dle. I go to the lupus clinic on Nov. 30. All I want are some answers. Something is definitely wrong in my body and each passing week it gets worse.

Anyway here are my symptoms:


Headache, mild, severe (both)

Pressure in head

Twitching of facial or other muscles

Stiff or painful neck (both)

Jaw pain or stiffness (both)

Dental problems

Sore throat, clearing of throat a lot, phlegm, hoarsenss and runny nose


Increased floating spots

Pain in eyes and swelling around eyes

Oversensitivity to light


Pugged ears (always feels like a bug is in there)

Pain in ears (severe), oversensitivity to sounds

Ringing in left ear


Dirrhea (lots and lots and lots! Almost 8 months now)

Upset stomach


bine pain, joint pain, swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome

Stiffness of joints, back, neck, tennis elbow

Muscle pain, cramps


shortness of breath, cough

Chest pain, rib soreness

Unexplained chills

Heart palpitations



Burning, stabbing sensations in body


Pressure in head

Numbness in body, pins and needles

Poor balance, dizziness and troubles walking

Increased motion sickness

Light headness, wooziness


Mood swings

Disorientation (how many times have i been lost going to places I should know where they are!)

Feeling as though you are losing your mind

Difficulty falling asleep

Sleep apnea

Panic attacks and anxiety


Memory loss, both short and long term

Confusion, difficulty thinking

Difficulty with concentrating and reading

Going to the wrong place

Speech difficulty, slow

Difficulty finding commonly used words

Stammering speech

Forgetting how to perform simple tasks


Phantom smells (how many times have i smelled eggs or popcorn!)

Extrene fatigue

Continual infections (4 antibiotics in months)

Pain migrates to differnet body parts

Flu-like illness after which i have not felt well since

I guess the bottom line is that SOMETHING is not right with me. I would love to hear all feedback please?

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  • Have u asked about fibromyalgia some a lot of symptoms looked like that but I'm not a dr and sometimes it takes ages going round each consultant. But u need to b strong. Perhaps a journal would help u and also u can refer to it for Drs too

  • I asked and suggested that back in March with the internal medicine specialist. He said I didnt have it, rather he told me I had chronic pain syndrome.

    I disagreed quietly to myself

  • Hi there, sounds like you are experiencing a suffering time. Lots of symptoms there which could potentially fit in with a myriad of health conditions. Sometimes when there are so many things challenging the body it can be helpful to focus on those parts of the body that are working well, or not causing any problems, just to give yourself a break from all the stress and negativity an illness can bring. Easier said than done I know. I wish you well and hope you get to the bottom of things. Bright blessings X


  • Thank you TT

    That was very positive! I appreciate your reply, a lot

  • Yes, my traveling inflammation causes many of these also. I too have no diagnoses just blood tests that shoe inflammation for last couple years. Suspected auto immune is all they say.

  • Hello yes I have many of those symptoms. Diagnosed with fibro but I also believe it's caused by inflammation in my body. My symptoms escalated after spinal surgery. I have intense itching at times which drives me crazy. I hope you get a diagnosis soon.

  • Hello,

    I am sorry to hear that you are having all these symptoms.

    It is good to hear that you have an appointment for 30th November though and they will be able to start running the various tests needed so you can have a clearer diagnosis.

    Let us know how you get on and getting a diagnosis should be the first step in hopefully finding relief for your various symptoms.

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