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Don't use benefit answers warnings online

My brother text me yesterday

saying he had heard on the radio about a free benefits advice website called benefit answers.i told someone on here about it who had been talking about another site charging £19 . I have just seen online that benefit answers is also dodgy and people have been charged thousands for using it so avoid this site , they bill your PayPal account apparently , Martin Lewis has a warning about it online . Sorry I mentioned this , can't remember who I told about it , hopefully they checked the terms and conditions as I have done and realised it isn't free , can't believe this was on the radio

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Thanks for looking out for us all




Thank you for that I have just deleted it from my bookmarks


However, there is a benefit site called who do charge for a membership, but the information they have is valuable for anyone claiming benefits.

They tell you how to fill out the claiming forms, what they look out for on assessments etc and also help you on how to appeal. There is also a forum where there is always someone willing to help you.

I hope this helps.


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