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Is it worth going private?

Im feeling a bit overwhelmed today, sick of feeling sick and tired and sore. So far my own GP has been good but all my results show up as normal, last one being the ANA test. Its hard to explain to him my joints hurt, they ache, my bones ache, my legs are heavy, my neck hurts, its as if my heads too heavy for my neck, one gland hurts, its tender but all i hear is its not swollen so its fine, how can it be fine when i have to take painkillers to stop it hurting?

This last week i bent down to put something in the freezer, nothing ive not done a million times before, and the whole of my insides felt squashed, and have had a dreadful pain in the kidney area since, doc says ive pulled something, quite possibly have, but this is an inside rolling ache that gets stronger then less so, def not a spasm if i move the wrong way. Cocodamol and ibuprofen helping the pain. But at the same time as doing that my palms erupted in tiny itchy blisters, they had been itchy for some time but never had blisters, gosh they itch and my skins broken and sore now, ive added a pic, to see if anyone knows if this is immune system related?

Sorry, i feel this is a poor me, xyz is wrong post, but my original question, is it worth going to a private appointment with a specialist? Ive found Dr Helen Harris who has a clinic in the bupa hospital in edinburgh that id be happy to pay to see, is it silly? Am i better to just keep going back to my own doc in the hope he fixes me?

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Have you asked your GP whether they would be able to refer you to a rheumatologist on the NHS? It may be worth having a specialist consultation as they may be able to perform more tests than your GP.

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Sorry you're feeling so rubbish. I have been in a similar position to you in that a lot of my blood tests were normal, and for a long time the GPs wouldn't refer as they had no idea where to refer to. I would ask your GP straight out if they will refer you to a rheumatologist, with the reasoning that so far they have been unable to help, and your quality of life is suffering. If they won't help (and if they've decided there's nothing wrong with you they might not), then I think it does help if you can afford to see a rheumatologist privately. They look for different things than a GP, and will want to know more than just your blood test results. If the rheum decides you do have something worth investigating then you can ask to be referred to them at their NHS post, and then you're in the NHS system. In my experience once a specialist thinks you have a problem, the GP is likely to take a bit more notice. Also, the GP is trained to know a little about a lot of things, and the whole autoimmune world is one they know very little about (with all due respect to them), so don't waste too much time trying to get answers through them - only rheumatologists are likely to be able to join the dots together for you. Best of luck


I went private after waiting months to see rhumo, worst thing i done.... He miss diagnosed me, month after that i had urgent appointment under NHS with a new rhumo who diagnosed me straight after doing bloods....

It is worth a shot if you was desperate just like i was, but the grass isnt always greener unfortunately


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