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Pain is so hard to ignore it got to me lastnight

I have kidney stone kidney infection and ovarian cyst. I couldn't control my pain so my husband got me a new headed blanket and it worked. I wrapped myself up and feel asleep. I'm so blessed I found my husband he's perfect to me.

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Lovely pictures, thoughtful husband, useful painkilling solution.

Congratulations on your big day, we are blessed with caring husbands.

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Lupus- can't use hormonal birth control, I forgot whether it is the copper or the plastic IUD that they recommend.

Ovarian cyst- my friend had one and got rid of it using I believe antibiotics and birth control- the problem is that birth control has hormones which is not good for lupus.

Morning after pill- is no good, how my friend got the ovarian cyst to begin with.

Consult your doctor on how to relieve these symptoms.


This cyst needs removed it's dominant and every women of cold bearing age gets a follicle each month. It s usually resolves on its own. If this one does not then they will remove it by Oct 11tj


Lucky lady having a good hubby


It's nice I know I'm hard to deal with it always have some other elements from lupus or not. It's always something.


Yeah, when my friend got the ovarian cyst I read that there were a couple of options and removal was one of them. Good luck October 1st! You are lucky you have a good husband to take care of you, I am 24 and not married and actually don't plan to get married or have children. My dad is my major support and he has to deal with all the ups and downs associated with Lupus. I agree, there is always something associated with this disease. I feel like if one thing in your body gets thrown off balance, it starts having a domino effect. :(


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